Challenges of Contemporary Economics

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First Name: Ruth V.
Second name: Aguilera
Academic title: Professor

Place of employment: Department of International Business and Strategy , Northeastern University, USA
Position: Professor


March 1999 - Ph.D. in Sociology; Harvard University, Department of Sociology.

June 1996 - A.M. in Sociology, Harvard University, Department of Sociology.

June 1992 - M.A. (Licenciatura) with Honors in Economics. University of Barcelona, School of Economics and Business Administration, Barcelona, Spain.

June 1990 - Diploma in Business Analysis (Graduate level), University of Lancaster, The Management School, Lancaster, U. K.

Research interests:
My research interests lie at the intersection of international business, economic sociology, and organization studies. My core areas of research are comparative corporate governance and firm internationalization processes. In most of my work, I rely on comparative research methods to conduct systematic analyses of economic organizations across countries, and most recently, I pay particular attention to the role that ownership plays in influencing governance practices and stakeholder relationships. My main scholarly contribution is the development of theories of comparative corporate governance and the empirical applications and extensions of these frameworks.

Publications (most important/popular):

1. Articles Published or Forthcoming in Refereed Journals

Desender, K., Aguilera, R.V., Lopez-Puertas Lamy, M., and Crespí, R. Forthcoming. "A Clash of Governance Logics: Foreign Ownership and Board Monitoring." Strategic Management Journal.

Musacchio, A., Lazzarini, S., and Aguilera, R.V. Forthcoming. "New Varieties of State Capitalism: Strategic and Governance Implications," at Academy of Management Perspectives

García-Castro, R. and Aguilera, R. V. 2014. "Incremental Value Creation and Appropriation in a World with Multiple Stakeholders," Strategic Management Journal.

Kim, J. U. and Aguilera, R. A. Forthcoming "Foreign Direct Investment Location Choice Research: A Critical Review and Extensions," International Journal of Management Reviews.

Jung, R., Aguilera, R.V., and Goyer, M. Forthcoming. "Choice within Institutional Constraints: Foreign Institutional Investors and Corporate Restructuring Practices in France," at International Journal of Human Resource Management.

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2.Articles Submitted to Refereed Journals

Aguilera, R.V. and Dencker, J. C. "Determinants of Acquisition Completion: A Relational Perspective," invited to revise and resubmit at Strategic Management Journal.

Aguilera, R.V., J. Capapé and Santiso, J. "Sovereign Wealth Funds: the Perfect Strangers," under third review at Academy of Management Perspectives.

Kabbach de Castro, L. R., Aguilera, R.V., and Crespi-Cladera, R. "Are Families Less Compliant? An Analysis of European Corporate Governance Codes," invited to revise and resubmit at Family Business Review.

Aguilera, R. V., Desender, K., Surroca, J., and Tribó, J. A. "Is Managerial Entrenchment Always Bad? A Corporate Social Responsibility Approach," under review at Journal of International Business Studies.

Aguilera, R. A., Terjesen, S., and Judge, W. Q. "Under What Conditions Do Firms Exercise Governance Discretion?," under review at Academy of Management Review.

Bovie, S., Bednar, M., and Aguilera, R.V. Forthcoming 2016. "Designed to Fail: The Implausibility of Effective Board Monitoring," invitation to full article at The Annals of the Academy of Management.


3.Other Articles and Book Chapters

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4.Books and Edited Books

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5.Reports and Other Materials

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5. Book Reviews

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6.Working Papers (Working Draft Available)

Bednar, M. K., Vadera, A. K., and Aguilera, R.V. "Minding the Store: the Relationship between Formal and Social Independence of the Board of Directors and White-Collar Crime."

Kabbach de Castro, L. R., Aguilera, R.V., and Crespi-Cladera, R. "Corporate Ownership in Latin American Firms: A Comparative Analysis of Dual-Class Shares."

Lee, J., Desender, K., and Aguilera, R. "How Much I Am Going to Tell You? A Study of Differences in Ownership from an Institutional Perspective." Finalist for 2013 Academy of Management IM Division CGIO Best Paper Award.

Aguilera, R.V., Crespí-Cladera, R., and Castro, L.R. "Contingent Ownership: A Comparative Analysis of Latin America."

Haxhi, I. and Aguilera, R.V. "Institutional Configurations and the Cross-National Diversity of Corporate Governance."

Lee, J. H., Leblebici, H., and Aguilera, R.V. "The Role of Discourse in the Legitimization and Diffusion of Innovative Practices: A Process View."


Listed in "The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds," in Economics and Business, 2014, Thomson Reuters.

CLADEA 2014 Best Paper in "Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability," (with Jain and Jamali).

Finalist for 2013 Academy of Management IM Division CGIO Best Paper Award, (with Desender and Lee).

Nominated for 2013 Academy of Management IM Division CGIO Best Paper Award, (with Kabbach de Castro and Crespí-Cladera).

Best paper Award, Academy of International Business, Latin American Chapter "Corporate Ownership in Latin American Firms: A Comparative Analysis of Dual-Class Shares," (with Kabbach de Castro and Crespí-Cladera), April 2013.

The Innovative Paper, 12th Workshop for Corporate Governance and Investment, Center for Corporate Governance, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, for "Board Characteristics and Audit Fees: When Does Ownership Matter? (with Desender, Crespí-Cladera and García-Cestona), Spring 2011.

"Uncertainty Awareness and Corporate Ownership Concentration: Evidence from Emerging Markets," with Kabbach de Castro and Crespí-Cladera.

-Finalist Paper for "Robert H. Schaffer Award for Best Paper in Applied International Management," (with Castro-Kabbach and Crespí-Cladera), August 2011.

- Best Accepted Papers on the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2011.

Best Paper Prize at the Centre for Corporate Governance Research, 3rd International Conference on Corporate Governance, University of Birmingham and Blackwell Publishing, Corporate Governance: An International Review (July 2005). "Putting the S back in CSR," (with Rupp, Williams, and Ganapathi).

Beckman Fellow, Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Spring 2002).

Outstanding Reviewer Award 2006, Academy of International Business.

Outstanding Reviewer Award 2002, International Management Division, Academy of Management.

University of Illinois "Incomplete List for Teachers Rated as Excellent," (2000-2013).